Can Print Gaming Media Survive? Maybe

egm2.jpgWith online video game news coming from powerhouses like IGN, 1UP and Gamespot, can old fashioned glossy print media survive? How can once-monthly publications compete with up to the minute news sources, say, for instance Kotaku, and established gaming media updating throughout the day? That's the focus of the New York Times look at print publishers Ziff Davis Media and Future US, both of whom publish not only on paper, but online as well.

With decreasing revenues and circulation rates—PC Gamer is down some 90,000 copies over the past four years—the only way to survive is to adapt. Conscious focus on more in-depth content in magazines and pushing the symbiotic relationship of online and offline media might just keep EGM and other Ziff Davis properties from death's door.

As a longtime fan of print publications, I still subscribe to EGM. I've also recently signed on for the Official Xbox Magazine, Games For Windows and the Official PlayStation Magazine. Despite the flood of online content, there are still worthwhile publications worth reading on a monthly basis, even if the news content they provide is often outdated.

Anyone else out there with a healthy daily intake of print and electronic video game news?

Game News in a Duel of Print and Online [New York Times]


    Until we have reliable cheap eBook devices - we'll always need something to flick through for the dunny.

    It's unfortunate that this is way things are going. I used to subscribe to PC PowerPlay and have every issue from 1-174. However, I just lost interest in it because I was getting my news and demos off the net as much as 4 weeks before the magazine got to my letterbox. It's a shame because I loved the writing in the magazine but it just wasn't worth me continuing paying the money for it when all I was going to do was unwrap it and put it on my bookshelf.

    It won't take long for a lot of print media to go out of business or be forced to turn to electronic distribution.

    Every now and then I like to read off Oz's famous game magazine 'Hyper', but the outdated info and the reviews that I've seen weeks before kinda put me into a position of 'Internet is the best'.

    Though, magazine do have their roles... Like if I'm in a bus on a way to uni and my PSP is dead (out of battery) or I forgot my iPod, then I need entertainment. And that's where magazine helps.

    Otherwise... internet is the way the go.

    Why doesn't someone do a weekly gaming mag, as most of the problems stem from the fact that most news is up to a month out of date already.

    It could even supplement a blog such as Kotaku by acting as a weekly wrap up of notable stories joined with some choice comments for each story.
    With maybe a feature or two added (developer interview, preview, worldwide weekly sales page etc) plus a review or two, at the right price point even people who rabidly refresh Kotaku would find value in it.

    Maybe Kotaku should. I think it'd be a stellar idea.

    I subscribe to Playstation mag still.The news may be out f date but that doesnt mean the reviews are. And thats the main reason i buy the mag anyway.Offentimes, magazines are better to read than internet sources

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