Capcom Playtesting Pays In Spades

capcom_playtest_swag.jpgWhen we posted a brief note about an upcoming Capcom playtesting session in the Bay Area of California, reader Justme8800 heeded the call. In addition to getting hands-on time with an unnamed Capcom game—no, we couldn't squeeze it out of him—he walked away with all this stuff.

From left to right, top to bottom: Zack & Wiki stickers, yellow Capcom bag, massive RE4 Wii edition guide with poster, Capcom Classics Collection for Xbox, Umbrella Corporation REVIVE drink, plushie pig dressed in a watermelon from Monster Hunter, stress squeeze treasure chest from Zack & Wiki, Xbox Live 1600 points card, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP, Phoenix Wright plushie keychain, Zack & Wiki 3D holographic jigsaw puzzle, Lost Planet limited edition matte laser print, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for PC, and a Mega Man buster pen in the lower right. All of this is sitting on a Street Fighter "EVOLVE" T-shirt.

Not bad for a day's "work", is it?


    Let's hope we get a Capcom Sydney play test day!

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