Capcom Responds To SSFIITHDR Art Leak

ehonda_unfinished.jpgUnsurprisingly, Capcom was less than ecstatic to see ancient, internal art files for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix make their way online. But they've turned leaky lemons into lemonade, giving readers of the official Capcom blogs and Street Fighter followers a look at what's a work in progress and what's expected to change. In short? Just about everything.

The Capcom crew have converted a handful of the old art files into illustrative animated GIFs, showing some of the challenges the team at Udon face when upgrading to high definition frames. They also drive home the point with big bold letters that much of the stuff is old, work-in-progress and will be re-drawn. They're even nice enough to provide the leaked art file, saving you the trouble of going elsewhere. Lovely.

Street Fighter Art in Progress: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly [Capcom Blog]


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