Carmack And Nintendo, B.F.F.

giantjohncarmack.jpgJohn Carmack used to hate Nintendo. With a fire that burned wildly inside of him. Some may say it's because Nintendo (was rumoured to have) completely ignored his idea for a Mario port on the PC. Carmack says otherwise:

We ignored Nintendo for a long time for a number of fairly good reasons — we hated dealing with them 10 years ago, as they always lagged behind the front runners in terms of raw technology... now we're branching out onto lower-end platforms, so now its an interesting platform for us to be looking at. Six months from now, when our current projects are done, we have all sorts of options we're focusing on.

Ah well. Whatever the reason, least they're all chummy now! Interesting he talks about "options" there, too. If those "options" don't include either an official Doom or Quake on the DS I'll eat your monkey's uncle's hat.

Carmack, Kang Talk Id Mobile, Nintendo Love [Gamasutra][Image]


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