Casual Gaming Requires Casual Fact Check

pickupsticksdisplayed.jpgVH1 Game Break did a little more legwork on a Casual Games Association stat that's been floating around the web, stating that casual (video) gaming is a $US 2.5 billion/year industry worldwide. But what's that number mean, really? What they offered was this geographical breakdown:

$US 720 million USA, Europe (includes online games and versions of those online games sold in retail outlets) $US 517 million on mobile platforms globally $1 billion in Asia

So what's left to learn? A lot.Does this stat include mobile gaming? Because most mobile gaming is casual gaming. But more importantly, how is casual gaming being defined for the accounting? Because, as confusing as we're making this, maybe most mobile gaming isn't casual gaming. We don't know! It's insanity!

My guess? Casual gaming is large for people who casually spend money. And the mobile phone market sucks every consumer into that trap. We'll let you know if these numbers ever get any clearer. Because, as usual, you're on a need to know basis. Yeah, you're kind of a big deal. We get it.

The Truth About Those Casual Game Stats [vh1gamebreak]


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