CBS Double Teams Manhunt 2

manhunt2_on_cbs.jpgLast night's coverage of the recently released Manhunt 2 on CBS News is now online for anyone who missed it. It's a fairly straightforward look at the game, featuring a focus on the ultra-violent content, the ESRB's rating and plenty of gameplay from writer Scott Steinberg. CBS News focuses mostly on the Wii version of the game, largely due to its motion controls. Correspondent Daniel Sieberg takes time to illustrate the Wii's parental restrictions, a move that hopefully educates some Wii-owning parents.

The morning follow up to last night's report features Steinberg again with level-headed commentary from psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw on Manhunt 2. Both pieces are generally non-alarmist, but serve as a warning to parents that a game with the title Manhunt 2 might not be appropriate for young kids.

Outcry Over Violent Video Games and Ultra-Violent Manhunt [CBS News]


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