CCTV On DS, Wii Makes Voyuerism Cute

cctv.jpgIn the real world, sitting in front of a bank of video monitors watching people go about their business sounds booooooring (unless you're William Baldwin!). As a game, though? Interesting premise, especially when it's got bubblegum-cute presentation. Enter CCTV for both the Wii and DS, by Ukrainian outfit Nikitova Games. Never heard of them? You may have heard of the game's designer: Jon Hare, formerly of Sensible Software, and co-designer of Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder and Mega Lo Mania.

We could hear about how Hare thinks it's the best thing he's done since his Sensi days, but we'd rather show you the charming outline for the game from Nikitovia's site:

Starting as a lowly shopping mall guard, the player can rise to International head of security as he travels the worlds most famous shops and art galleries scrutinizing car parks, trains and airports in a bid to capture the thieves, smugglers, vandals and other low life littering the world's streets and bang them to rights.

"Bang Them To Rights"? Such a better name. CCTV [Nikitovia Games, via Siliconera]


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