Chris Taylor Already Planning Next PC Title

Chris Taylor Already Planning Next PC Title

But isn’t Gas Powered Games busy with its intergalactic RPG Space Siege? Well, according to the latest GPG newsletter, it is, but the developer is also gearing up for two new, shiny things: another expansion for Supreme Commander, and something as-yet-unannounced for the PC.

Here’s the snippet from the newsletter:

You’re probably thinking, these guys know how to keep busy, and that’s a bit of an understatement because we have so many new things in development. I already hinted at another expansion pack for SupCom, and I’m even going to hint at another big secret: We have a new PC game that will be announced very shortly, and it’s unlike anything we’ve done before. Stay tuned for more information!

As long as it’s not Dungeon Siege III, count me in. Chris Taylor may know the RTS genre like the back of a Krogoth, but when it comes to role-playing… well, here’s hoping Space Siege is amazing.

Gas Powered Games Announcing New Title [Voodoo Extreme]


  • I can just see Chris sitting there, sipping a beer, when he hears this loud “BUCK-KAW!” noise. Turning his head, he sees a man dressed in a full-body latex chicken suit holding a camera.

    This photo is the result.

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