CNN Enters Second Life

cnnsl.jpgEventually there will more companies in Second Life than their are in real life. Now CNN is setting up an I-Report hub in the virtual world, in a double-effort to learn about life in a computer-created environment while discovering what constitutes news in such a foreign environment.

"The thing we most hope to gain by having a CNN presence in Second Life is to learn about virtual worlds and understand what news is most interesting and valuable to their residents," said Susan Grant, executive vice president of CNN News Services.

See? Exactly what I said. The I-Report hub will allow Second Life users to submit their own news stories and includes both a news desk and an amphitheater for bigger events, such as appearances by RL CNN anchors. They're holding a training session tomorrow at 5 eastern for budding VR reporters. If you're interested, be prepared to see things you can't unsee. CNN enters the virtual world of Second Life [ - Thanks Puddytat!]


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