COD4 To Smack Down Halo 3

cod4new.jpgOohhh, it's Halo 3. Everybody back. Back it up. Halo 3's coming through. What, you think you're a tough guy? You a big tough guy, Mr. Halo 3? You have those big sales numbers and you think you own the place? Yeah, well I remember when you were begging to be on a Mac and you were called Marathon. Yeah. I remember when your Louis Vuitton shoes were called Reebok. And so does Call of Duty 4, who analyst Todd Greenwald says is about to kick your sales. COD4 is sold out at numerous retailers (already moving 3 million units), has scored highly with reviewers and is on four times the systems as Halo 3. So yeah, COD4 should sell more units on whole. But we're interested in seeing how it competes on the 360 alone.

And chances are, critically acclaimed or not, COD4 isn't worthy to clean the shoes of Halo 3 or the 4 million games it's moved on the 360 alone. Then again, Gears of War has supposedly moved around 4 million units as well, so it's not impossible for other games to reach such high plateaus (just maybe not now that Halo 3 is out). It'll be interesting to see how the numbers end up when the dust/snow/small particles in the air settle after Christmas. Analyst Predicts Call of Duty 4 To Outsell Halo 3 [theescapist]


    COD4 Sucks my mums kidding...shes bound to be sitting on it as we speak. launched into the unknown world or "crap" that is COD4..

    Halo 3 way actually help COD4's sales on the Xbox 360. Halo pushed hareware which while not being in the millions, does increase the potentials buyers. Also with Halo 3 pushing Xbox 360 as a system it also pushes people's attention to gaming and Xbox 360. While not a major point it still makes a difference.

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