Conservatives Avoid Gaming, But Everyone Loves Mario

donkey_elephant.gifA new Zogby poll surveying the political/entertainment preferences of about 4,000 adult Americans has called it.


...don't play a lot of video games, but when they do, Madden NFL and Mario are their favourites

Liberals: video games a lot more than other people - Mario and The Sims are favourites

So what about the moderates? Moderates:

Their favourite video games are Mario, Donkey Kong and Madden NFL.

Hmmm...methinks that the adult population pretty much all has the same (semi-uninformed and general) taste in games. I'd love to run our own poll, but I'd hate to see a fistfight break out in the comments. And by "hate" I mean take bets and instigate with open trash talk. Zogby/Lear Center Poll [via gamepolitics][image]


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