Cosplayers Stand Up for Rights

cosplayerorg.jpg Just because you like to dress up like video game or anime characters does not mean you are a second class citizen! Oh, no no. You are entitled to the same rights that those who are not "in the life" get. Japan's first non-profit cosplayer support organisation Cosengokai officially began this month to "raise public awareness of wholesome cosplay culture and provide consultation for cosplayers who have been victims of crimes."

Crimes? Yikes! Due to a minority of sexual explicit costumes, the organisation states that cosplayers are misunderstood and victims of stalking, criminal indecency and, somewhat ironically, voyeurism. Cosengokai hopes to raise awareness that there is a person in that costume. And in that person there are feelings! We can only hope one day that the cosplayers will one day be a sizable voting block and then, and only then, will Japan finally get the way overdue National Cosplay Day. Can't wait! Official Site [Cosengokai via AnimeNewNetwork via Dark Diamond]


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