Crazy Conbini Selling PS3 Bundles

d95b2c66.jpg Hot on the heels of yesterday's story comes this: The PlayStation 3 sales bonanza Japanese convenience store. While most stores discretely let players order consoles and games, this neighbourhood shop wants everyone to know it has PS3s! Those banners read:

A limited quantity of PS3 "beginners pack" just in stock. Now on sale!

The "Beginners Pack" refers to the Hot Shots Golf bundle offered in Japan this past summer. Can't tell if this is a chain store or a Mom 'n' Pop operation. Besides the banners, there is a stack of Hot Shots Golf bundles and a bunch smokes behind the counter, too. No, this kind of thing (stacks of consoles in-store) is not normal here at all. The Japanese people are just as freaked out. My Neighborhood Conbini Selling Bundle [My Game News Flash]


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