Create Your Own Custom PlayStation 3 Themes

pixels_theme.jpgSince upgrading to firmware 2.0 on our PlayStation 3s, we've been enjoying swapping themes in and out. Earlier this morning, it was "Classy Pink". After having our coffee, we felt a bit more "Pixels". After an exhausting sprint to the post office, we relaxed with a bit of "Nature". Look, the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo takes a long time to download, so we had to keep ourselves occupied. Thankfully, we're never going to be at a loss for themes, as Sony has released a theme editor for the PlayStation 3 that will let you customise your wallpaper and XMB.

All it takes is a simple download, a computer that runs Windows, the ability to edit PNG files and a bit of patience as you wade through the read me file. What's that you say? Have a contest to see who can create the best Kotaku theme? What a fantastic idea! I'll get right on that. In the meantime, have fun!

PlayStation 3 Theme Editor [.zip]


    My favourite would have to be using pixels and changing the background colour to dark blue. Looks rather good in my opinion.

    It doesnt make any sense to me at all

    so i can edit my back ground how??


    anyone who isnt good with computers wont be able to do this at all

    another brilliant non user friendly playstation idea.

    Billy Bob - Go into your Photos folder and find the image you want, click on it and 'Set As Wallpaper'. If it's still not showing up then go to the Settings folder, select 'Theme Settings' and where it says 'Background' select 'Wallpaper'.

    CAMB3H - I love the icons for the Airpaint theme, but I kept the original background with it. I'm using dark blue too, it's a shame there's black, though - you can only set 'Original' which is sometimes black but then rotates through the other colours. There's no real black to choose which is somewhat disappointing.

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