Crecente Is A Workaholic, Training Wheels Are Sexy

To: Geoff From: Ashcraft RE: TK

Well, we all are, I'm sure. We got eight (yes, EIGHT) emails from Crecente today. Keep in mind, that he has flown half-way around the world to relax and unwind, and the dude is messaging us about this and that. I'm sure he's doing this during bathroom breaks or something — moments when he can slip away from the fam.

Over the weekend, I took my kid shopping for new training wheels. The ones he had were falling apart. So! We took him to the bicycle shop, got him black and red training wheels to go with his black and red bicycle. When Mini-Bash saw the new training wheels, his face lit up and he exclaimed, "Those training wheels are sexy!"


The kid repeated it, loud as ever. My wife nearly fell over laughing. Sexy? Why are they sexy? Where did you learn that word? Did you learn that at school? Did you hear it on TV? How are they sexy? We asked him again. "What do you think of those training wheels?"

"They're cool."

Cool? Thing is, he was right: Those training wheels are sexy.

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