Daiki's Spin On Mai Shiranui's T & A

mai_may08.jpgIt would seem that SNK's buxom ninja Mai Shiranui is popular with the Japanese gamer. Maybe it's the constantly flaunted T and A? That's just my theory, as I've begun to notice a trend in Mai's poses throughout her recent PVC incarnations. Max Factory took great care to expose both earlier this year, with Aizu Project being a bit more blatant about it. Now, Daiki Industry is giving it a go, artistically exhibiting Mai's obscene proportions with a nice arm shelf and a timely gust of wind. It's due out in March of next year for 14,700 yen (approximately $US 135 US) and will make for a nice centerpiece. Who's next?

Mai Shiranui [HobbyStock]


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