Dark Sector Runs Proprietary Engine

ds_1.jpgOne of our tipsters sent us a link to GamingSA’s story on Digital Extremes’ Dark Sector, which was being demoed at eGames. I’ll be posting my own impressions this week, but I just wanted to address an error in the story.

Dark Sector, being developed by Digital Extremes, was one of the first … next-generation titles to use the Unreal Engine 3 many years ago, and the first next to Unreal Tournament 3 to make use of the UE3 on PlayStation 3.

Sorry, no. Dark Sector runs on a proprietary engine. That’s straight from DE’s Meridith Braun, who I had the pleasure of speaking to at length when she showed off a video of the game during a promo event for Pariah. Peter Silver from D3Publisher also confirmed this fact again yesterday.

I can understand how you might confuse it with Unreal Engine 3, especially when you consider DE’s close ties with Epic, but it’s definitely the company’s own hard work. I suppose DE could take GamingSA’s comment as a compliment.

EGAMES EXPO – Dark Sector demonstration [GamingSA]


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