Desert Bus Charity Drive Tops $US 12,000

desert_bus_logo.jpgWhen we first posted about the Desert Bus For Hope drive, in which a few unlucky charitable types would be forced to play through the bore-torture game Desert Bus for days upon end for a good cause, donations were at $US 2,000. As of this post, the outpouring of money from sadistic do-gooders is over $US 12,000. Even with the painfully low US dollar, that's darn impressive. Donations don't appear to be slowing down either, so make sure to do your part to keep that bus a-rollin'.

If you haven't cursed the fate of the already long-suffering bus driving team members shackled to their computers, go on and drop 'em a couple bucks in the name of Child's Play. They'll hate you for it!

The Support Has Been Amazing! [Desert Bus For Hope]


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