Deus Ex 3 Teaser

Feature the interesting tagline "Who we are is a stepping stone to who we can become", this Deus Ex 3 teaser doesn't really give us much of a sense of what the game will be about, other than it will be a Deus Ex sequel... and I suppose that's all we need to know.


    Dues Ex one was one of my favourite games of all times
    Dues Ex 2 was one of my biggest dissapointments.

    But they did wrap the story up in Dues Ex 2.. I hope they're not stretching a minor plothole to make this third one :(

    Let's just hope it's better than Deus Ex 2; which admittedly had a fairly dynamite story. But the engine was just pathetic, no optimisation at all; and the modelling was very poor.

    Compared to the ground-breaking original it was lacking. I truly hope that Deus Ex 3 is as great as Episode 2 was to Half Life 2.

    Brilliant! As others have already said Deus Ex is one of my favourite games of all time. I couldn't get into deus ex 2 as the engine was just so horribly chuggy that I simply didn't enjoy it enough to keep playing.

    If they make it like number 1 and I'll give them a hug.

    Surfer Girl just got owned. I remember reading a post which listed games that were canned, and this game happened to be on that list.

    Thats credibility down the drain.

    My problem wasn't with the engine in Deus Ex 2. I had a fairly mordern -for then time- computer. My love for Dues Ex was more for the story, dialogue, intrigue etc and then a bit more for the character development system/gameplay.

    Dues Ex 2
    The story was worse, the dialogue was uninspiring (certainly not as deep and meaningfull as the original), the atmosphere was piddly nothing, and the gameplay was considerably worse.
    The augmentations didn't feel as usefull or fun and the universal ammo system and mods just sucked in the sequel.

    Please don't crap on the third one ;_;

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