Did The Mass Effect Sex Scene Get Censored?


After we posted a link to IGN's gameplay capture of the Mass Effect sex scene a lot of people started wondering: That's it? Did Bioware get cold feet and cut something out of the final version? A few weeks ago you may remember that there was talk about "partial nudity" in the game. Well, it's time to squash the rumour: My sources tell me that nothing has been removed from the final version and the "breast nudity" just refers to one side view of a blue alien breast, no nipple. Yes, that's all you'll get. For more on love (and many other things) in Mass Effect, forgive a shameless plug: tonight's Game Head on SpikeTV has me travelling to Edmonton to meet up with Bioware. We world premiere the launch trailer and I find out which EA franchise Bioware wants to reinvent for the next-generation. Any guesses?


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