Did You Know The Voice Of Portal Is A Classically Trained Operatic Soprano?

giantellen.jpgWell she is! Ellen McLain, who voices Portal's GLaDOS (and also HL2's Overwatch), isn't just a smooth talker. She's a smooth (well...boisterous) singer as well, being classically trained as an operatic soprano with a stellar performing record to boot. So when she was offered the chance to quit talking and sing the unbelievably-awesome "Still Alive" for Portal's credits sequence, she jumped at the chance. Fascinating! You can read more fascinating Portal stuff over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, who after their brilliant Old Man Murray piece from the other day have followed it up with a top-shelf interview with Narbacular Drop (and now Valve devs) Kim Swift and Jeep Barrett. Go on, read it, it won't hurt you. Portal's Kim Swift and Jeep Barrett [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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