Do You Have A Gamedar?

921ndimm.jpg In case you missed the memo, we'll bring you up to speed: Just because women don't have penises, doesn't mean they aren't gamers. What's more, women in college play video games. USC student paper Daily Trojan profiles some female co-eds who are totally into games, blah, blah. Swell! That's ground we've covered before, so we'll skip that. Instead, we bring you this nugget:

Celeste McWhorter could probably identify [fellow female player]Soriano in the middle of Trousdale. She said she has gamedar, like gaydar for gamers, she informed me with authority.

"Hey, it takes one to know one," she said.

And so, just like that, "gamedar" enters the lexicon. (Note: Celeste McWhorter is a junior and not related to our own Michael McWhertor, who tipped us about this story.) Video Games Not Longer Old Boys Club [Daily Trojan]


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