Does Microsoft's One, Two, Three Punch Matter?

20071101x02s.jpg The last two days in Japan: a cheaper Xbox 360 goes on sale, a discounted THE [email protected] goes on sale, and today, Ace Combat 6 goes on sale. For a console that didn't appeal to Japanese gamers, there seems to be a lot appealing about it of late: THE [email protected] has a rabid hardcore fan base, while AC6 has an across-the-board built-in audience. Releasing them bang bang, right after each other, is aggressive on Microsoft's part. Do we think that these titles will hurt the PlayStation 3 in Japan? No. The PlayStation brand is way too strong. But do we think these titles will help sales? Definitely. Who knows—maybe this week, Microsoft might move five thousand Xbox 360s—six thousand maybe! The sky's the limit. Well, not really, but still.

Ace Combat 6 [AkibaOS]


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