Dojo Dump: Crazy Like A Fox

dojo_dump_foxes.jpgThis week's worth of updates at the official Smash Bros. Dojo is nothing short of a delicious info smoothie, only soured lightly by the reminder that Metroid's famous Norfair location makes for an insufferable level. We're introduced to only one new character, but it's a fairly substantial one, despite that he's only an Assist Trophy. I'm staying on the positive tip, so I won't whine about the lack of pics of you-know-who. I've simply got a pair of thumbs up and sore cheeks from the week-long smile. The Dojo Dump is below...

Monday: The boldly operatic Fire Emblem theme, remixed and totally Latinized has been uploaded, complete with lyrics. A new clip, titled "Fox's Misfortune" features Diddy Kong, Fox McCloud and a pocket monster I won't pretend I know the name of. Tuesday: Items from previous installments, such as the beam sword and fire flower, are listed. Welcome back, Freezie! Wednesday: Wanna know how to grab and throw? Read the site. Metal Gear Solid's Gray Fox is also revealed as an assist trophy. Awesome? Mmm hmm! Thursday: Lucas has some special moves you probably didn't know about. I'll spend my weekend developing my own "mentally-powered flip kick." Friday: Norfair? We knew about this stage weeks ago! Sorry Smash Bros. Dojo, but this is not news.


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