Dojo Dump: It's Handicapable

technique07_071113e-l.jpgWhy focus on the least impressive aspect of this week's batch of updates to the Smash Bros. Dojo, the Handicap option, for the title? To set the bar low, as the weekly dose of Super Smash Bros. Brawl news features some solid stuff. In addition to the newly announced Spectator mode, which is kind of like Smash Bros TV with a bit of wagering thrown in, there's new music, new moves and even a focus on taunts. Taunts give you a chance to see the SSBB line-up in rarely seen poses. Oh, look. It's Zero Suit Samus...

The Dojo Dump will be back after this short link.Monday: Ike's Final Smash is officially profiled. Great Aether! Tuesday: Each character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has three different taunts. They run from flamboyant to dramatic to humorous. Hey, it's the cardboard box! Wednesday: Handicapping options return. It's not very exciting, but should provide some challenge for vets versus noobs. Thursday: An arranged track from Kirby Super Star, titled "Meta Knight's Revenge" is added, as are Meta Knight's special moves. Friday: Spectator mode is profiled. We wrote about it earlier today.

Too bad that Spectator mode is totally anonymous. I suppose that Nintendo doesn't want to subject the kids to foul language or characters named "clOWNp3nis", but it would have been cool to see online Brawlers real names.


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