Dojo Dump: Sin, Punishment & Final Smashes

dojo_dump_colors.jpgThis week's additions to the Smash Bros. Dojo include more detail depth from some of the game's non-marquee characters. Lucas, Ice Climbers, Saki Amimiya, anyone? Not exactly household names for Nintendo. But who cares? This is Super Smash Bros. Brawl and it's for the hardcore fan. Of note is this week's detail on costume changes. Don't miss Solid Snake's stylish alternate colorways, including a sexy cheetah print! The Dojo Dump is right after this.

Monday: The Ice Climbers' Final Smash is just the tip of iceberg this week. :( Tuesday: Suck? Training mode is for you. It's option-tastic. The Smart Bomb item is also given its own update. Wednesday: For fashionable SSBB fans, you'll want to check out all your options in Color Changes. Snake in safari camo?! OK! Thursday: Saki Amamiya from Sin & Punishment joins the roster as an Assist Trophy. Friday: Charged Special Moves are detailed. This is pure house cleaning stuff. But Lucas' Final Smash is the PK Starstorm and it's nuts! I was hoping for something involving his cowlick, frankly.


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