Don't Eat At Empty Sushi Restaurants

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Sounds like you had a busy day! If Brandon's lurking around the office, do tell him "howdy" for me. He's good people.

Over the weekend, the family and I went and go sushi. Usually, families go eat conveyor belt sushi (AKA "robo sushi") or yakiniku. And like I said, this past weekend, it was sushi.

On Friday, Saturday or Sunday sushi restaurants are packed with people. The waits are long to get a table. There's a chain restaurant near our house. It's not bad, fairly inexpensive. When we arrived, there was no line and got a booth easily. Half way in the meal, my wife pointed out that the onions on the salmon sushi weren't chopped as finely as they usually were. Everything seemed decidedly bland — more so that usual in a place ike this.

Then it hit me. The restaurant was totally deserted. There must have been less than fifteen people in the entire place, which looked to seat over a hundred. And on a weekend? Unbelievable.

"Wasn't there a sushi restaurant near us that was closed for a while? Like for a few days?" Mrs. Bashcraft asked. "I don't remember hearing about that." "Yeah, there was something about it in the paper I think." I forced down the tuna in the mouth.

We just kinda sat there, finished up our meal and split, went home and waited to get really sick. Thankfully, we were fine. Rule of thumb: Never go to empty sushi restaurants.

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