Dragon Ball Z Movie Gets Director, Star, Release Date

20071114p2a00m0na035000p_size5.jpg More Dragon Ball Z details! Kung Fu Hustle star Stephen Chow will be producing the live action DBZ, and the 20th Century Fox flick will be helmed by former The X-Files writer and Final Destination director James Wong. Taking the role of Goku will be Justin Chatwin, who was Tom Cruise's son in War of the Worlds. Piccolo will be played by James Marsters. The budget hasn't been announced, but shooting will commence later this year. It's slated for an August 15, 2008 release. Hope it doesn't suck. DBZ Movie [Mainichi Daily]


    Wait, wait... is this Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball Z? The news article the other day (with Heroes' Ando, too lazy to look up his real name) was seemingly about Dragon Ball Z. This news article says Dragon Ball, and talks about Piccolo being Goku's "main enemy" which supports that it's a DB movie, and not DBZ. Are there two separate movies in the works, or what?

    Either way.. honestly, I think it's going to be terrible.

    yay i cant wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!! I wish u make more episodes of dragonball,dragonball Z and dragonball GT I wish it played on tv.

    P.S i love Koku,Gohan there both sooooooo cute

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