Dragon Releases Cheap Third Party DualShock 3

dragonwireless.jpgDon't want to wait until next year or pay completely hideous import prices to get your PlayStation 3 rumble on? Well over at Success HK they've just put up Dragon Electronics' Duo Shock 4 controller for sale. It's a 3rd party Dual Shock controller that works with the PS3, PC, PS2, and the PSone, all thanks to a USB to PS2 port wireless adapter. Sure, you'll have a dongle hanging off the front of your PS3, but it will make your controller vibrate pleasantly, and isn't that all you really need? The biggest plus? It's only $US 16.77 to order one! The downside? How much controller can you actually get for only $US 16.77? I don't think I have to say buy at your own risk here, because I believe in you people.

Playstation 3 Wireless Controller (Dragon) DuoShock 3 [Success HK via PS3 Revolution]


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