Dungeon Lords Somehow Expands, Sequalises

Dungeon-lords-box.jpgJoWood Productions has announced plans for a stand-alone expansion and sequel to 2005's PC action RPG, Dungeon Lords. The production of the games will be overseen by Dreamcatcher Interactive, the original game's publisher which JoWood purchased in November of last year in an effort to move into North America. For the record, Dungeon Lords was probably the buggiest, most incomplete game I had ever seen upon release. Buttons didn't work, tutorials were hosed, etc. Even now the game isn't complete, over 2 years after release. It was the only PC game that GameStop ever let me return, calling it defective. How that game scores an expansion pack in 2008 that bridges the gap between the original and the 2009 sequel is completely beyond me. Apparently it sold over a million copies. I'm guessing they've figured bargain bins sales into that number. Ew.

JoWooD Productions Announces Dungeon Lords 2

Stand-alone expansion pack due in Q3 2008 with full sequel to follow in Q3 2009

November 20, 2007 (Liezen, AUSTRIA) - JoWood Productions announced today that it will release Dungeon Lords: Expansion (working title) for Windows in Q3, 2008. At the same time, the company announced the development of Dungeon Lords 2 (working title) for a next-gen console platform and the Windows platform for home personal computers.

Not requiring the base game, the Expansion Pack is a complete stand-alone game and will contain an all new story which acts as a link between the original game and the Sequel. The Sequel will deliver an all new graphics and physics engine, a new epic quest and all new art.

Dreamcatcher will oversee the production process.

Released in May, 2005 for Windows, Dungeon Lords has been well-received commercially, selling in excess of 1 million copies worldwide in a variety of formats.


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