Dutch Teen Arrested For Virtual Furniture Thievery

habbo_furniture.jpgNormally, sentences that start with "Dutch teen" are cause for excitement—or at the very least, a Fleshbot post—but this one is nothing short of depressing. According the BBC, six teenagers are suspected of stealing some 4,000 euros (about $US 5800 US) worth of virtual furniture in a phishing scam directed at Habbo Hotel users. One has been arrested, a 17-year old, after police contacted the service's owners.

For those unaware of the Habbo Hotel phenomenon, the virtual online community features a strong "teen" contingent with some 80-million avatars created over the course of its seven year lifespan. Users can deck out rooms with "furni" bought with real-life money, chat with others and play simple games.

I may not take part in hanging out with teens online in Habbo Hotel, but I'll be damned if I you won't find me defending by virtual space in Home with a virtual shotgun. Anyone who even looks at my virtual Herman Miller Aeron knock-off is gonna get a belly full of shot.

'Virtual theft' leads to arrest [BBC]


    A VIRTUAL belly full of VIRTUAL shot... that IS what you mean, right? RIGHT?

    As soon as I saw this story earlier, I had a mental image of a pools closed guy robbing the houses.

    He took them because the furniture had AIDS.

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