EA Chicago Never Given A Fair Shake?

defjamcover.jpgPoor EA Chicago. They go ahead and make the best boxing game series in years, and what do they get? The sack. Not cool. A former staffer has spilled the beans on why he feels the studio was shut down, and it's all got to do with their other fighting series, Def Jam:

I believe we were never given a fair shake. Fight Night was a huge success, [but]Def Jam was another story. The estimates for Def Jam's sales were extremely unrealistic for the game. Even if it had done well it would have never hit the unrealistic goals and projections that the marketing department made.

Wish I'd have been there when those projections were drawn up. Could have whispered gently in their ear "no, no those numbers are all wrong". The Closing of EA Chicago: One Employee Speaks Out [1UP]


    Every response to that title that i can think of is dirty...

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