EA & Crytek Say No To Blood And Ragdoll Corpse Mod

crysisneck.jpgTipster Brendan sends word that Crytek and EA, developer and publisher of Crysis respectively, have removed a user-made patch that enables blood, decal and ragdoll effects on dead bodies from Crymod.com, Crytek’s Crysis modding site.

According to Brendan, the two companies have contacted Crysis community sites hosting the patch and asked them to follow suit. Mind you, from what I’ve seen, all the patch involves is a couple of tweaks to the game’s Lua scripts.

The only official word we have at the moment (I’m chasing EA in Oz for something more) is this comment on the Crymod forums from community manager Alexander Marschal:

It had to be removed since neither Crytek nor EA support this kind of modding. It is a blocked feature in the Crysis retail version and should remain as such.

Apparently there’s a conflict with German law as well, but I haven’t been able to find anything solid on this angle.

More info as it comes to hand. Or inbox.

what happened to the “blood-ragdoll the legal way” thread? [Crymod.com, thanks Brendan]


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