EA & Crytek Say No To Blood And Ragdoll Corpse Mod

EA & Crytek Say No To Blood And Ragdoll Corpse Mod

crysisneck.jpgTipster Brendan sends word that Crytek and EA, developer and publisher of Crysis respectively, have removed a user-made patch that enables blood, decal and ragdoll effects on dead bodies from Crymod.com, Crytek’s Crysis modding site.

According to Brendan, the two companies have contacted Crysis community sites hosting the patch and asked them to follow suit. Mind you, from what I’ve seen, all the patch involves is a couple of tweaks to the game’s Lua scripts.

The only official word we have at the moment (I’m chasing EA in Oz for something more) is this comment on the Crymod forums from community manager Alexander Marschal:

It had to be removed since neither Crytek nor EA support this kind of modding. It is a blocked feature in the Crysis retail version and should remain as such.

Apparently there’s a conflict with German law as well, but I haven’t been able to find anything solid on this angle.

More info as it comes to hand. Or inbox.

what happened to the “blood-ragdoll the legal way” thread? [Crymod.com, thanks Brendan]


  • So now we’re being limited to what mods we’re allowed to create? So what if they’re not what the developers want, I suppose in the future all mods for a game will have to be officially endorsed by the publisher and the developer and you will have to apply for a license to create one.

  • @JOSH
    Its because its on ‘Crytek’s Crysis modding site’, which makes sense. If they don’t like some of the mods that are hosted on THEIR site, then its fine.
    I don’t see the big deal in all this.

    If it was found on a 3rd party site, then I’m sure it would be a different story, its just that Crytek does not want to associate with such mods.

  • As Vangalorr said, its a similar situation to hot coffee. The alteration to the game will likely increase the classification from M to MA (or whatever. I’m not sure what the game is currently rated). Given that the content is already in the game and just needs to be unlocked with scripting, it’d leave EA and Crytech liable if anyone decided to freak out about the slightly enhanced violence.

  • So you can make mods for Crysis, except the ones Crytek and EA don’t want you to make. To hell with that! Host that patch somewhere.

    I blame EA.

  • The game is already MA and no way would this “mod” get it banned. Games can’t be banned in Australia because of what 3rd party mods are created. Even if it were already embedded within the game all it does is add a tiny bit of blood spurt and rag doll physics. As if it’d get banned in Australia. Look at some of the games currently available, they’re so much worse than anything found in Crysis. Germany is shockingly bad when it comes to games censorship, they’re soooo much worse than Australia. I’ve personally used the mod and it’s very minor.

  • There is no blood because Crytek and EA wants to bring human killing to younger audience. 🙂 You know, blood is not for children, but killing is. 🙂 Thanks to German laws, war on screen now looks like fun and non gory adventure again (welcome to 1941 propaganda). It makes killing more attractive. 🙂

    I’ve always said: Conflicts represented without violence and blood promotes the war. So Heil H….r you ‘politically correct’ m………..s!

    It is because we live in the world with distorted moral values where human killing is more acceptable than sex. Can you imagine what would happen if in the middle of the game you would encounter two north Koreans performing a sex act on each other). 🙂 Americans would go crazy. 🙂

    I hate then governments tries to enforce its moral values on people (simple advice would be fine). Usually it means that government thinks that they are morally superior to the rest of the folk.

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