EA On Need For Speed Porn: Oops

fishregrets.jpgAnd here we thought the UK marketing team for EA's Need For Speed ProStreet were geniuses, combining fast cars with naked women in order to appeal to the male demographic. I thought their only fault was not having one of the girls holding a pizza and some beer, thus completing the holy trinity of testosteronic power. It turns out the whole thing was just some sort of fluke.

"We regret that these images slipped through the proper EA approval process," said a spokesperson for the publisher, speaking to GamesIndustry.biz. "They were not appropriate for our brand. The original site has been taken down this morning."

Hopefully they will be replaced with naked brunettes, who would lend a much more intelligent-yet-mysterious air to the advertisements, which I feel would be completely appropriate for their brand.

EA regrets Need for Speed porn promotion [GamesIndustry.biz]


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