EA Sales Broken Down By Platform, Retailer

eafront.jpgSome shockingly interesting tidbits (no, really! of information to be found in EA's latest financial reports. Aside from the fact they lost some money, they've gone ahead and listed how much each major retailer contributes to their overall sales, as well as how much money they made on each platform. There's even a breakdown on sales in the American and European markets. So if you've ever wanted to find out just how much Wal-Mart or GameStop contributes to EA's bottom line, read on.

Gamasutra's digging on the subject has shown that GameStop are EA's single biggest source of revenue, accounting for 13% of total company sales over the past six months. Wal-Mart were next, with 11% of EA sales coming from the monolithic retail chain over the same time period. Also revealed are the differences between US and European retail patterns: 72% of US game sales came from just seven retailers, while in Europe the top ten retailers accounted for only 33%.

As for platform sales (for the three months leading up to September 30), they go a little something like this:

Xbox 360 - $US 218 million PlayStation 2 - $US 73 million Nintendo Wii - $US 59 million Nintendo DS - $US 47 million PlayStation Portable - $US 21 million PlayStation 3 - $US 17 million

Remember, kids. Numbers. Are. Fun.

EA Filing Reveals GameStop/Wal-Mart Reliance, SEC Options Settling [Gamasutra][Image]


    Wow; I wonder if the numbers are similar for other publishers. Not a good sign for anyone that's not Microsoft that the 360 sells more than twice as many games as the PS2. I imagine someone at Sony must be sobbing in a corner from the PS3 numbers...

    no wonder EA are basically a glorified arm of Microsoft these days...you can see where their money comes from.

    PS3 ports by EA will remain crapola until such time as sony work out how to sell some units...

    WTF? So the Lame box 360 made almost as much as all other platforms put together?

    For F$#@ sake guys, lets support the PS3. Instead of posting in forums about ur love of the PS3, how about actually buying some games?

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