EA Slashing Prices On Sports Games?

madden08.jpgWell now this doesn't look promising. Analyst Evan Wilson (who's been a busy boy - does The Pach have some competition?) has told Forbes that 14 EA games are going to have their prices cut this holiday season. Note he says they will, not that he "believes" they will. If he's right, games affected include NBA Live 08, Tiger Woods 08 and Madden 08, with most cuts to be seen on the PS2 versions, sales of which have obviously disappointed EA. No word on whether Wii, PS3 or 360 games would also see a cut, but if there's 14 titles on the chopping block some current-gen titles are sure to feature. Are these the first shakes of the PS2's death rattle? May just be. Sure I heard a sickly cough or two sometime around Aug/Sep. Ahead of the Bell: Electronic Arts [Forbes]


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