EA Want Mass Effect Dialogue System For Other Titles

mechatty.jpgWith EA snapping up BioWare, they get more than just the men and women behind BioWare's desks. They get their tech, too. In particular, they get their hands on the snazzy new dialogue system that's been developed for Mass Effect. Which they like the looks of, EA Games' Frank Gibeau saying:

The dialogue engine is something we will almost immediately look at as an asset for other teams.

Can't see how this is a bad thing. We haven't laid hands nor eyes on the final product yet, but the dialogue system's meant to be one of Mass Effect's real strengths. Which can only be a good thing for EA devs. Especially the Madden team. Game's been missing something for years now, and a "get all lippy with coach" feature could well be it. Electronic Arts 2.0 [Business Week]


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