EBGames Certainly Pitches The DS In An Odd Way

-5.jpeg"Fun for the whole family." "Nintendo's popular handheld." "Your mum can play Brain Age on it." These are all acceptable descriptions of the Nintendo DS. EBGames of Canada, however, went a different route with their sales pitch

London, 2038. According to to legend...

This is gonna be good, hit the jump for the big, fully readable screengrab. Who knew the DS was part of "ancient knowledge and rituals [that]were lost to the antiquity of time"? We certainly didn't. But now that we do, we're ordering ourselves another DS.

God bless typos that aren't our own.

Thanks Addy! [damn, they fixed it already]


    Looks a lot like the blurb for Hellgate: London.

    HGL for DS? an interesting concept.

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