eGames 2007: Mario Loves To Ruffle Hair

egames_mario.jpgCan't say I've played a Mario game where the famous Italian plumber had a hair fetish, so there's no explaining why the guy in this costume at eGames had to put his hands through my mane - and that of everyone else's - during his trips around the expo floor.

Didn't stop me from getting a snapshot with the big fella. So cuddly and all.

I tell you though, getting an arm around that massive head of his almost dislocated my shoulder. And I like my shoulder.

Anyone else get assaulted? I'm sorting out the details of the police report...


    No, but I do remember getting assaulted on one of the Nintendo Connection tours - got my photo, but the sweaty old guy underneath kinda creeped me out

    Awww, you're such a cute guy that I would probably assault you too if I saw you on the streets ^_^

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