eGames & Game Connect: Will You Be Going?

melb.jpgOver the weekend, I’m going to attempt to cover two gaming events down Melbourne way – at the same time. I’ll be channelling Red Dwarf‘s Arnold Rimmer from that sexy episode where he gets jiggy with another hologram.


The events in question are the eGames and Entertainment Expo and Game Connect (the event formerly known as the Australian Game Developers Conference). Both are transpiring at roughly the same time, from the 15th to the 18th – give or take a day.

If you’d like to have a chat, feel free to flag me down, or throw random pieces of confectionary at my head. If you’re not sure who to look for, I’ll be the guy with a big camera round his neck, a notepad in his back pocket, and a look of pure terror plastered to his face.

Imagine you’ve just been ambushed by a H.R. Giger painting with teeth and a taste for scrawny 23-year olds, and you’re halfway there.

Drop a comment and let me know if you’ll be going to either event, so I don’t feel so alone.


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