Eidos Montreal Confirms Deus Ex 3

duesexhead.jpgEidos has thrown wide the doors to its new Montreal, Québec development studio, and despite their promise to deliver AAA titles, their first game has absolutely nothing to do with roadside service contracts. Instead they has announced that they are hard at work on Deus Ex 3, the next title in the critically acclaimed FPS / RPG hybrid, rumoured since May. Gamasutra spoke to Eidos Montreal GM Stéphane D'Astous, who once again lied about AAA titles.

"We're only working on AAA, major titles. We're going to be developing only major AAA games, using only next-gen technology."

Deus Ex 3 is excellent news and all, but until I get a game about sitting is a musty office fielding emergency road service calls, there is no AAA game.

Eidos Announces Deus Ex 3, Talks New Montreal Studio [Gamasutra]


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