Elf Online Wants You, Possibly

elfonline.jpgHooray! Elf Online is recruiting players for its closed beta! Now what the hell is Elf Online? From Happymmo's web page:

Themed by the confrantation of the Imaginary force and the Evil Darkness force in the Dream Land world, the Elf Online provides a tricksy and relaxd game style with a creative and player-oriented gaming system. Jocose epic quest, risible pets, all kinds of strange shapes equipment, medal exchange system, prank system.

Sounds like... something is happening there. Yes! Even more quizzical is their method for recruiting beta testers, which involves the applicant first posting screenshots or information about the game to five forums, and then replying with links. I've heard of pyramid marketing, but this is pyramid public relations - a great and terrible new force on the internets. You know what? I'll just give you a link. You figure it out.

Close Beta Testers Recruit Rules [Elf Online]


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