England's Reading Problems Tied To Gaming

readerabiit.jpgYou know you're in trouble when you're below the United States on the International Reading Literacy Study league table. England has plummeted from the number three spot in 2001 all the way down to nineteenth in 2006. Why the sudden drop? Ask England's Schools Minister Ed Balls, whose name must be a constant source of amusement for school children across the country.

'Most of them have their own TVS and mobiles and 37 per cent are playing computer games for three hours or more a day - more than in most countries in the study.'

Could Mr. Balls be correct? Could playing video games keep children from learning proper reading skills? I for one think we need to curtail this trend immediately, dropping crates full of wordy Japanese RPGs on the country as soon as we can get our forces mobilized. Parents are urged to turn the sound down and the "Subtitles" option to "On". Now would we actually call him Minister Balls, or what?

Video games blamed for reading problems [Metro.co.uk - Thanks Garwai]


    Computer games adversely affect my own reading habits. I used to read in bed before sleep. Now I play Golden Sun for half an hour. I'm still reading I guess, but this stuff ain't Tolstoy you know.

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