ESPN Programs Available On Xbox Live

longhorns.jpgMicrosoft and ESPN just signed a deal whereby select ESPN programming (mainly sports games) will be made available over the 360's Video Marketplace. To get the ball rolling you'll be able to buy NCAA football and basketball games, X Games programming and other relevant shows such as Madden Nation and World Series of Poker. The NCAA games will be available up to 48 hours after the game's finished, and will cost you $US 3 for SD and $US 4.50 for a HD version. All other programming will be $US 2 for SD and $US 3 for HD. In addition, ESPN say they're looking at ways to "incorporate the Xbox Live online gaming community into its telecasts", though they haven't gotten as far as letting us know just what that means, exactly. The first content available will be a download of Saturday's Oregon State v LSU football game. [via ESPN]


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