Eurogamer Has Molyneux Live This Friday

giantpeteface.jpgEurogamer has a real treat lined up for readers this Friday, as they have trapped industry icon and Fable creator Peter Molyneux in a tiny internet box, forcing him to answer questions live like some sort of mad answer-money. Questions will be posed via Eurogamer's new LiveText system, which allows users to pose questions and a moderator to filter out the hundreds of "What are you wearings?"

"To get tough and frank questions from gamers is what I am looking forward to this Friday. I don't mind whether they are about Fable 2, Lionhead's other games or the industry in general." said Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux.

But what is he wearing? We may never know. The session kicks off at 3PM GMT on Friday, which is 10AM Eastern and way too freaking early Pacific. Peter Molyneux LiveText interview this Friday! [Eurogamer]


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