Europe, Here's Some Upcoming PSN Downloads

PSNlogo5.jpgSCEE have announced a bunch of stuff Europeans can expect to see in their PlayStation Store over the next couple of months. Which is awfully nice of them, saves all that suspense and the associated gnashing of teeth. Highlights for November (aside from today's very excellent Tori Emaki) will include a big MotorStorm DLC pack, nine PS1 games (G-Police!), Toy Home, the Uncharted demo and some Resistance maps. As for December, well, you'll FINALLY get Everyday Shooter, a Warhawk expansion pack and some more MotorStorm vehicles. Full list (bear in mind, December is incomplete) is after the click.

November Releases:

Feel Ski PS Eye Mesmerize Distort PS Eye Tori Emaki Uncharted: Meet the Dogs/The Characters & Music: English Only - localised versions to follow Lair: Call of the Beast trailer MotorStorm Revenge Weekend Trailer Folkore - Bottom of the Sea pack MotorStorm Devil Crossing pack: Track - Devils crossing 4 new tickets containing 10 races 2 new vehicles with 3 liveries each. One unlockable vehicle with 3 liveries upon completion of the mini devils crossing festival (as per Coyote revenge pack) Tekken 5: DR Online pack and full game Uncharted Animation Overview Ratchet and Clank launch trailer and TV ad PS Eye Mesmerize: Trace

PS One titles: Coolboarders G-Police Destruction Derby Colony Wars Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 Syphon Filter 2 Bust-A-Groove Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash Bandicoot 3

MotorStorm Livery packs 1 &2 PSP Wing Mirror (F1 CE) Riff: Everyday Shooter trailer Uncharted - A Living Environment Blast Factor: Advanced Research Uncharted DEMO MotorStorm Rascal & Governor vehicles pack Dark Mist trailer Folklore: The Alchemist pack PAIN trailer Devils' weekend trailer Toy Home game flOw Expansion pack Uncharted Hunting El Dorado Snakeball game Resistance: Fall of Man Pack 2 Two maps pack

December Releases (Highlights):

High Velocity Bowling Riff:everyday Shooter Kula World (PS One) Uncharted TV ad Dark Mist game MotorStorm Domino & Adventure vehicles Wipeout HD Trailer Pain Game Piyotama game - English only game Warhawk expansion pack 1 Everybody's Golf Demo.



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