European SingStar Pricing Is Quite Fair

singstar_ps3_pricing.jpgSony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the pricing structure for the PlayStation 3 of SingStar and it's absolutely... reasonable? While the Blu-ray disc containing SingStar certainly won't be packed anywhere near capacity with a meager stock of 30 tracks, the additional 44 available in the SingStore on day one will certainly add some variety. The standard SingStar disc will set UK gamers back £24.99, with a dual microphone bundle checking in at £49.99.

Additional songs/videos will cost £0.99 and will start flowing from the SingStore on December 17. Or 17 December, if that's your thing. Not an unreasonable price, I would think, as it's about $US 2 per a la carte track against the pathetic US Dollar. I might also think that many publishers would be wise to start thinking about lowering the prices of their downloadable content in the face of Rock Band's arrival, as my personal earmarking of DLC funds is tilting favourably in its direction.


    As stated this is really quite reasonable. Its a shame that they couldn't implement a system where the purchased songs could also be saved to HDD/MP3 player/PSP to simply listen to as songs. If this were in fact possible at ~$3 AUD that would be incredible value.

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