European Uncharted Demo November 22nd

drakeeurope.jpgI feel bad for all the Europeans who downloaded the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo for the PS3 only to be disappointed by the whole region lock issue, especially now that I've played the superb demo myself. I'm beginning to see why Crecente loves this game so much. Great action, natural-feeling platforming moments. It even addresses my biggest pet-peeve about games, which is getting wet. When our hero gets wet, his clothes are noticeably wet, but only to the degree the water touches him. If he crosses a stream, only the bottom of his pants get wet. It's always bothered me how games handled this, generally by ignoring the water. Man, I wanna go play it again, right now. *sighs dreamily* Oh! Right. IGN has confirmed with Sony that the Euro demo for the game will be up on November 22nd. That's just 13 days away! Of course, we'll have the full game by then, so we'll be sure to let you know how it is. UK Uncharted Demo on the Way [IGN - Thanks Heliophage]


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