Exactly How Deadly Is The Wii Zapper?

wii_zapper_fear.jpgWith the Wii Zapper now shipping to retailers in North America, concerned parents have already begun to ask the question: "How many innocent children will this molded plastic shell transform into cold and calculating murderous thugs?" Are you one of the worried conservatives who sees future with a sniper in every university bell tower, trained on the laser precise Wii Zapper? If so, you're the main topic of a recent Washington Post piece on the Wii peripheral some parents are equating to NRA membership and kids are apparently "salivating" for.

The Post writes of the hysteria surrounding toy gun products over the years, chronicling a time period when kids coveted BB guns and replicas, and when Boston area gangs turned Super Soakers into deadlier than advertised weapons. It's a story worth reading, if only a prep work for the impending ruining of thousands of children's futures as they're brought to the brink of madness while shooting Goron in the belly. God help us all.

Toy Guns and the Little Bang theory of violence [Washington Post]


    If you're a halfway decent parent then no plastic shaped 'gun' will cause your child to grow up to be a killer...
    As a parent you should be the one teaching your child what it relaity and what is fiction... I know that I have never been confused as to what I can shoot (a pixil on the tv) and what I cant (anything living) and why is that?? My parents were actually around teaching me what was right from wrong.

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