Fallout 3 Perk Winner Announced

Picture%20591.pngThe good people at Bethesda threw a perk party an everyone was invited. The winner would get their own perk immortalised in Fallout 3 (along with a sweet PC or Xbox 360 pack). 17,000 entered. One won.

The grand prize went to:

Grim Reaper's Sprint Everytime you kill an opponent, all your action points are automatically restored.

And yeah, that's a great freaking idea for a perk, so it's cool that it won. But our favourite may have been the runner up entry:

Falling from Heaven When you're in a combat and losing it, a random object (a spoon, a table, etc.) might fall from the sky and hit your enemy, causing damage (the amount of damage is relevant to the mass of the object). This perk naturally only works outdoors.

Is that rain that's dropping on your head, or the phlegm of angels? Now that's intimidation.

Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest [via gameinformer]


    Marc-Andre? Wow. I used to work with that guy. Good for him! Too cool.

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